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In 1985, Gene and Mary Galluch realized a dream by purchasing PJ’s Custard. 
Located in the heart of Manchester, PJ’s was run by family, and featured items such as
hamburgers, onion rings and coney dogs in addition to custard. PJ’s  gradually built up a local following, and as the business grew, so did the menu.  The most significant addition came in 1986 when the Galluch’s introduced pizza, forever changing the course of the company. Mary developed homemade recipes for sauce and dough, and incorporated premium cheese along with fresh toppings to create something truly special. Within a year, pizza was the most popular item
on the menu, and they knew that it was time to shift their focus away from custard.
Galluch’s Pizza was born! Today, Galluch’s is still family-owned and operated,
 and we continue to make delicious homemade pizza, as is our tradition.

The Story

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